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Do you want to put your property up for sale in Kenner? Are you looking for new tenants for your home? First impressions always matter.

Grime and dust on your front porch, walls, or curb can make your property look old. If your clients don’t fall in love with the property, at first sight, it’s going to be an uphill task making a sale.

Nothing beats a clean wash that reveals the exterior beauty of your home. It is time to get the best pressure washing in Kenner and impress your clients so you can make a quick sale.

All Clean is the leading pressure washing service in Kenner. Get in touch with us today and experience excellent customer support and super friendly staff. We have many years’ experience transforming exterior surfaces with their pressure washing in Kenner. We also have world-class equipment that gets the job done in no time.

Stop Mold, Dirt, and Grime in Its Tracks

Our Main Services

house washing new orleans


When people talk about cleaning their house, they only think about cleaning the interior. We go the extra mile and make sure the exterior looks as good as the interior. We remove all the dirt and grime from your walls, including any algae leaving your walls as good as new. You can say goodbye to all the health problems that come with dirt and algae—plus, the pests that love dirt.

driveway cleaning new orleans


There is nothing like a proper pressure washing in Kenner that could leave your driveway looking better and free from grease and dirt. A clean driveway is what your clients or friends see first before getting into the house. Get yours cleaned today!

deck and fence restoration

Deck and Fence Restoration

Do you need to redo or restore your patio? Leave it to the experts today. All Clean does a fantastic job of cleaning out the dirt, cobwebs, and any algae build-up. We also do magnificent repairs to damaged or old patios and decks. Get in touch today.

roof cleaning in new orleans


The roof often gets forgotten when it comes to cleaning. It is also a magnet for dirt and algae. Get yourself a clean roof today and enjoy stunning results. You also need a clean roof if you want to harvest water for storage.

Benefits of Pressure Washing Your Property in Kenner

Lots of people think that washing the exterior of their walls is only for the aesthetic appeal. There is more to it than that. Some of the benefits include:

Increased Curb Appeal and Property Value

A clean property looks as good as new. It shows a property that is well maintained. Most buyers or tenants consider those options. A clean curb is not just right for sales but also security. It helps keep criminals away.

Protects Against Harmful Bacteria

Mold, algae, and mildew plus other allergens are quite harmful to your health. Their spores can cause severe respiratory problems, leading to thousands of dollars in hospital bills. Cleaning your house keeps the bacteria, mold, and mildew away.

Prevents Costly

Mold, algae, and mildew are the primary causes of damage to your home. They slowly eat away your walls and the internal structure of your house. A good pressure wash will get rid of them all without damaging your walls.

Why Choose All Clean



All Clean is the home to pressure washing experts in Kenner. We leverage many years of experience cleaning decks, patios, curbs, and exterior walls to bring the shine to your home. Don’t let an inexperienced contractor ruin your house when you can rely on experts. Get in touch with the number one pressure washing service in Kenner.



We are not just about cleaning homes but also satisfying even the most demanding clients. We only leave your home after you are satisfied with our work. Try us out today and see why hundreds of people trust us!


Fully Licensed and Insured

We provide fully licensed and insured pressure washing in Kenner so you can sit back and relax as we clean your home. Our insurance covers any damage to your property. Try us out today!


Save Time

When other contractors scratch their heads figuring where to start, we get the job done fast thanks to our many years of experience pressure washing in Kenner. Get quick pressure washing in Kenner for your house today!


Save Money

Are you tempted to do the exterior cleaning all by yourself? Don’t buy expensive equipment. You’ll save time and money today by letting All Clean dealing with the exterior of your house. You won’t have to deal with the risk of property damage or costly repairs.

Contact Us Today for a Free Quote in Kenner Today

Are you ready to transform your house today? Get in touch and experience an incredible pressure washing in Kenner for your home. Take advantage of our experience and top-of-the-line equipment to impress your clients. We offer premiere pressure washing services in New Orleans!

Customer Reviews

Terrific, hard working team. House and pool area look stellar.
Lewis K
Lewis K
21:48 19 Jan 23
Mason is always responsive and gets me on the schedule quickly! My house always looks fantastic when he’s finished. Highly recommend!!!
Madison Martin
Madison Martin
16:11 18 Jan 23
Cleaned a white stucco building and it now looks brand new. Also the parking lot and roof. Great job
John Theriot
John Theriot
22:05 19 Dec 22
Trustworthy and did a great job! Highly recommended!!
Kathryn Recile
Kathryn Recile
15:15 27 Nov 22
All Clean Pressure Washing did an amazing job with my house. We are very pleased with the results and looking forward to using their services again in the future.
Leonardo Barros
Leonardo Barros
15:35 25 Nov 22
Mason and his team are great! My house came out perfectly! They did a fantastic job and were very professional!
Kristen Newman
Kristen Newman
21:19 15 Nov 22
Excellent service. If you want the job done right the first time go with All Clean!
Steve Bucher
Steve Bucher
23:09 28 Oct 22

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