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For most people in Louisiana, their home is one of their most valuable assets. It makes sense then to perform routine maintenance to keep it looking neat. Most people will wash down the walls inside the home and repaint them as necessary. 

The outside, though, seldom gets a second thought until it’s time to repaint it. You might only repaint your home every five to ten years. That leaves a long time in-between for mold, algae, and mildew to accumulate. 

What’s more, that’s more than enough time for pollutants in the air to damage and discolor the paint. 

All Clean is a fully insured professional cleaning company that can help you keep your home safe. As a bonus, regular cleaning helps your paint job look good for longer. Our highly experienced team uses modern techniques and equipment to get the best results without damaging your home. 

Benefits of Regularly Washing Your Home


Rust Removal

A rusting antenna or gutter pipe leaves unsightly stains. When it rains, the rust drips down the side of your home, making the stains even worse. Removing rust as quickly as possible is essential if you don’t want the stains to set in. Once they do set, they become tough to remove.


Increased Curb Appeal

A clean exterior increases the curb appeal of your home. Increased curb appeal, in turn, helps you to maintain your property values. Well-kept homes, in turn, improve the value of the neighborhood.

Interestingly enough, better-kept homes may also deter criminals. Firstly, homes will be more expensive to rent. That alone helps to keep the criminal element at bay. Secondly, a clean and tidy exterior makes it harder for criminals to hide break-ins. They could well decide to look for softer targets.


Protect Your Family’s Health

One of the most important aspects to consider here is your family’s health. You’re probably careful about mold or mildew inside. Having these fungi growing on the side of the house is just as dangerous. Every time someone opens a window, they run the risk of breathing in spores. 

Inevitably, the mold or mildew will spread into the home as well.


Maintain Property Value

Mold, algae, and mildew damage your property value in more ways than one. Mention mold when you’re selling your home, and potential buyers lose interest quickly.

Left unchecked, these organisms cause significant damage. Even if you can scrub away all traces of them, the walls are permanently stained. 

What’s of more concern, though, is that these fungi degrade the surface. Over time, they eat away at the outside of your home. This damage means costly repairs later on. If you don’t promptly stop the damage from worsening, you might even have to demolish the building.

Eradicating a well-established mold infection is challenging and very expensive. Give yourself the upper hand by getting our professional team in regularly.

Why Choose All Clean for Your House Washing Needs in Greater New Orleans

All Clean cares about its clients. You deserve to have a safe and attractive home. Let us help you have the nicest house in your neighborhood. That’s why we only hire technicians with experience. We give them the best tools to get the job done correctly.  

Call us today and get your free quote from the go-to experts in pressure washing in Metairie, LA.



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