Parking Lot and Garage Cleaning in Greater New Orleans

parking lot and garage cleaning Metairie

Parking Lot and Garage Cleaning Metairie

Have you ever thought about what part of your business property makes the first impression on visitors and potential clients? Usually, the first in-person impression is something overlooked by commercial owners and property managers – the parking lot.

As a property owner, it is essential to maintain a clean parking lot and garage to ensure the safety of all guests, while also making a positive impression.

Parking lot and garage cleaning removes layers of dirt, oil, grime, and gum. The result is a safe and clean environment that customers and guests will want to visit again and again.

Reasons to Have Your Parking Lot and Garage Cleaned



One of the worst things that can happen to any real estate owner or commercial property manager is someone accidentally getting injured because of slipping on an oil spill. You can easily avoid accidents or your business facing a lawsuit because of an injury.

A professional parking-facility cleaning service helps ensure that no visitors become victims of a slipping accident in your garage.


Curb Appeal

During these competitive times, it is essential to ensure that every aspect of your commercial property operates professionally, including your garage.

When a guest or potential client arrives at your building, the first steps out of the car are into the parking lot. A clean garage will help them feel safe, secure, and welcome, and leave them with a positive, long-lasting impression.


Ease of Maintenance

The more frequently you clean your garage, the easier it will be to maintain and retain the value of your commercial property.

If your parking lot goes weeks without proper cleaning and sterilizing, the more challenging it will be to get rid of oil stains and dirt. An unclean, muddy, and greasy garage may decrease the value of your building and property.


Prolong the Life of Your Commercial Property

Contaminants in pollution, gum, mold, and mildew do more than make your building look dirty. If not removed regularly, they’ll start to eat away at the paint or brickwork. Investing in commercial property cleaning helps you to extend your property’s lifespan.

Why Choose Us?

We don’t leave the property until the client is 100% satisfied.


All Clean is your solution for all your garage cleaning services. We provide power washing with hot water. We use only high-quality degreasers and detergents. Our products help remove stubborn oil stains, brighten your parking concrete, scrub gum, remove coffee spills, and other spots of dirt. Thanks to our pre-treating methods and the right water pressure, we clean parking lots in garages on time.


In between pre-treating methods and power washing, we can also clean the walls within your parking lot, along with driving lanes and walkways, leaving a super clean and spotless garage.


The ideal way to keep your parking garage clean and safe all year round is by using our maintenance plan. All Clean offers you a routine maintenance program for commercial parking garages so that you can always have your property looking clean and inviting. We will come to your property with our cutting-edge technology that uses pressurized hot water and unique cleaning agents.

Give Us a Call Today

If you are looking for a specialized cleaning service for parking lots or a company that can help you maintain a spotless garage, All Clean is all you need. We can make your garage cleaner, safer, and more inviting so that your business leaves a positive impression and attracts more customers.

We will meet you on-site and walk through the parking garage cleaning plan. Our go-to experts for pressure washing in Metairie will present a cleaning program to meet your maintenance goals.

Give us a call today for a free estimate and no-obligation quote.

Customer Reviews

Cleaned a white stucco building and it now looks brand new. Also the parking lot and roof. Great job
John Theriot
John Theriot
22:05 19 Dec 22
Trustworthy and did a great job! Highly recommended!!
Kathryn Recile
Kathryn Recile
15:15 27 Nov 22
All Clean Pressure Washing did an amazing job with my house. We are very pleased with the results and looking forward to using their services again in the future.
Leonardo Barros
Leonardo Barros
15:35 25 Nov 22
Mason and his team are great! My house came out perfectly! They did a fantastic job and were very professional!
Kristen Newman
Kristen Newman
21:19 15 Nov 22
Excellent service. If you want the job done right the first time go with All Clean!
Steve Bucher
Steve Bucher
23:09 28 Oct 22
This was our first time using All Clean Pressure Washing and Mason and his team did a fantastic job! They were professional, efficient, detailed, and everything looks amazing. Mason was very helpful and responsive with my initial inquiry and also with our questions, and had us on the schedule within a few days.We highly recommend this company.
Tina Carmichael
Tina Carmichael
19:46 24 Oct 22
I reached out, they did an online quote. Scheduled it and completed within days.That’s hard to come by these days and the house looks great. Highly recommend.
Amandalynn Picolo
Amandalynn Picolo
05:31 15 Sep 22

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