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What Are Those Black Streaks on My Roof?

Have you noticed unsightly black streaks on your roof? Certain weather conditions can cause mold, mildew, and moss growth on roofs throughout Jefferson Parish, but don’t worry; removing those ugly black streaks is easier than you might think. Roof cleaning in Metairie can help you restore the appearance of your roof and prepare your home for the upcoming spring season.

Certain mold strains thrive in Louisiana’s subtropical climate. High humidity levels create the perfect environment for roof-damaging mildew and moss growth. Homeowners who neglect cleaning black streaks from their roofs may experience reduced indoor air quality, inefficient HVAC appliances, and reduced property value and curb appeal.

Please continue reading to learn how to identify black streaks on roofs. Speak to your local roof cleaning professionals in Metairie for more information about removing stains, grime, dirt, and mold from the exterior of your property. Pressure washing professionals have the training and experience to beautify your home.

Identifying Black Streaks on Roofs

Algae growth remains the leading cause of black streaks on roofs. Algae produce abundant oxygen and feed underwater life, but algae on a roof can cause severe damage to homes. For example, mold spores feed on rooftop algae and can deteriorate metal, asphalt shingle, clay, and wood roofs over time.

Thankfully, roof cleaning in Metairie can help you identify and eliminate troublesome black streaks on roofs. The most common algae found on roofs, called Gloeocapsa, appears green and grows more rapidly in moist conditions. Signs of Gloeocapsa on your roof include the following:

  • Black mold growth
  • Damaged shingles
  • Discolored siding
  • Moss growth
  • Higher energy bills
  • Moisture-damaged roof
  • Reduced indoor air quality

Gloeocapsa thrives in moist environments and often accompanies moss and mold growth on roofs. Black streaks can form when Gloeocapsa particles form a protective coating over themselves to repel harmful UV radiation. Tiny particles of Gloeocapsa remain invisible to the naked eye and often cause widespread roof damage.

How to Remove Black Streaks From Roofs

Roof cleaning in Metairie completely removes black streaks from roofs. Powerful pressure washers use hot water, high-pressure pumps, and eco-friendly cleaning solutions to remove algae, mold, and moss from roofs. Special nozzles and soft washing techniques enable professional cleaners to clean delicate surfaces safely.

Additional methods for removing black streaks from roofs include the following:

Bi-Annual Pressure Washing

Gloeocapsa colonies require weeks to form. Homeowners can take preventive action by scheduling bi-annual pressure washing services. Regular cleaning of concrete surfaces, window sills, door frames, and siding creates unsuitable algae growth environments.

Roof Inspections

Professional roofers can help you identify roof damage caused by problematic algae growth. Thoroughly inspect your roof at least twice a year for signs of algae growth. The quicker homeowners recognize black streaks on roofs, the easier experts can remove unsightly stains from your home.

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