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Quality Pressure Washing Services in Audobon, LA​

Many property owners neglect the driveways, sidewalks, and other exterior surfaces during routine maintenance. They forget that these are the first areas guests see when they visit. By pressure washing your driveway, pool decks, patios, and other exterior surfaces around your property, you can effectively remove the built-up dirt and create a great first impression on your guests. 

All Clean Pressure Washing offers professional pressure washing in Audubon, LA, and the surrounding areas. We are fully licensed, insured, and committed to delivering 100% customer satisfaction. Call us today at (504) 275-5626 for a free quote. 

Stop Mold, Dirt, and Grime in Its Tracks

Residential Services

house washing new orleans


Our careful yet effective house-washing technique removes years of dirt and grime and boosts curb appeal. It will reveal the beauty that weather and wear can hide.

driveway cleaning new orleans


Blasting away grease, car fluids, and dirt from extensive foot traffic is easy with powerful pressure washing in Audubon, LA. Remove stains with our team’s trusted cleaning solutions!

deck and fence restoration

Deck and Patio Restoration

As go-to entertainment and relaxation spots, it’s vital to keep your deck and patio in top shape for years. Scheduling our pressure washing services can help!

roof cleaning in new orleans


We use soft washing and eco-friendly cleaning solutions to remove unattractive stains, streaks, and dirt from your roofing system without ever damaging its materials, ensuring a gorgeous look.

pool deck cleaning Metairie

Pool Deck Cleaning

Make your pool deck safe and inviting by removing slip-and-trip hazards through our pressure washing work.

rust removal new orleans


Eliminate unsightly orange streaks across your property with our rust removal techniques that never damage your exterior surfaces!

Window cleaning metairie, fl


Top-notch equipment and tools allow us to reach windows at all heights and get them sparkling clean.

Commercial Services

building washing Metairie

Building Washing

Ensure your commercial building is in top shape and attracting clients with pressure washing in Audubon, LA!

Storefront Cleaning Metairie

Storefront Cleaning

Our commercial pressure washing is perfect for cleaning dirty storefronts and helps your facade make a good impression.

HOA Cleaning New Orleans

Homeowners Association

Our insured and experienced team is prepared to throughly clean exterior surfaces to meet all HOA standards and regulations.

parking lot and garage cleaning Metairie

Parking Lot and Garage Cleaning

Gum, oil, grease, and dirt are no match for our professional pressure washing services, effectively restoring garages and parking lots to optimal condition.

gas station cleaning new orleans

Gas Station Cleaning

Gas stations don’t have to remain dirty when our team can transform them into a clean and well-kept environment where customers are more likely to stop.

Benefits of Pressure Washing Your Property in Audubon

Having your Audubon property pressure washed by a professional comes with numerous benefits:

Increase Curb Appeal and Property Value

A clean and well-maintained property would often attract more customers willing to pay a higher price than a neglected property. So, if you plan to sell your home, hiring a professional pressure washing company is one of the simplest ways to boost its curb appeal and value.

Prevents Frequent and Costly Repairs

Regular cleaning helps protect your property from deterioration and damages that result from accumulated mold, mildew, and other contaminants. Consequently, it saves you from frequent and costly repairs.

Protects Against Harmful Bacteria

Allergens, bacteria, mold, mildew, and other harmful substances on your property’s exterior can cause respiratory problems and other health issues to your family, workers, and customers. The experts at All Clean Pressure Washing can help you get rid of these contaminants.

You can enjoy all these benefits by hiring All Clean Pressure Washing. Our certified experts will save you time while ensuring you are 100% certified.

How Much Does Pressure Washing Cost in Audubon, LA?

The cost of pressure washing can vary because of the numerous factors that influence it. First, the size of a home or commercial property affects price, as larger properties will cost more than smaller jobs. Since some materials require more effort and time to clean and may need extensive prep work to start, the surface that a pressure washer will clean, along with its condition and required prep work, will contribute to the final price.

More experienced pressure washing companies often charge a higher rate than less established ones or contractors, but you’re likely paying a little more for higher quality work and dependability. Weather conditions during the time of pressure washing or soft washing may also affect the total price, as extreme temperatures (like blistering heat or extreme cold) make working more difficult and can result in low-quality results.

On average, pressure washing in Audubon, LA, could cost anywhere from $100 to $700 but typically falls between $300 and $500. Many businesses have a set price per square foot to determine total costs. You can get a personalized quote by reaching out to the professional cleaners at All Clean Pressure Washing today!

About Audubon, LA

We are proud to offer expert pressure washing in Audubon, a neighborhood of the city of New Orleans, Louisiana, with a population of about 16,000. The community derives its name from Audubon Park, one of the city’s largest parks located in the southern part of the district.

Audubon is one of the best places to live in Louisiana, offering its residents a dense suburban atmosphere. It is also home to Loyola and Tulane Universities, and therefore nicknamed the “University District.”

Customer Reviews

I have had my house and patio power washed many times in our 26 years living in River Ridge. The current job that was just completed by ALL CLEAN was without a doubt the most complete job I have EVER had done. These guys showed up and time and prepped my job. They walked with me around my house and listened to any of my concerns to protect my wife’s garden flowers, covered the fish pond, blue taped every electrical switch or outlet. The result was amazing and I will NEVER use another company. A young man’s business he started 10 years ago and now he carries a full schedule. Everyone that has seen my house has commented it has NEVER looked better. FIVE STARS really does not give them enough credit A+ A+ A+ A+ A+.
They fit me in quickly and came and did a great job in just a couple of hours. They left everything clean and I can already see a big improvement. I am sure once this rainy weather dries up, my roof will look even better.Thanks for being so easy to work with!!
Nanette Saucier
Nanette Saucier
Mason and his crew did an amazing job. They were on time and very easy to work with. They cleaned the whole house including windows. Did the concrete and did an amazing job on the tiger lines on the gutters.
Beverly Cosse
Beverly Cosse
Mason was wonderful. Prompt, kind, and professional. Loved working with you guys.
Lois Bachemin
Lois Bachemin
The All Clean team were amazing. They did a wonderful job on my house, porches and windows. They were very careful with our doors made by a craftsman from sinker cypress and an antique cabinet on my back porch. Very courteous, prompt a pleasure to work with.
Beverly Moore
Beverly Moore
Great job on our church roof, brick, windows, and overhangs.
Merlin Hymel
Merlin Hymel
We received a quick response and quote when seeking our homes pressure washing and soft-wash services. Mason was in immediate contact with us to schedule an appointment. The team showed up on time and did a quality job. We plan on using them every six months to maintain our home
Mike Sauve
Mike Sauve

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