Pool Deck Cleaning in Greater New Orleans

pool deck cleaning Metairie

Pool Deck Cleaning Metairie

Your pool deck and back patio are probably among the highest-trafficked areas of your property. With many people getting in and out of your pool, minerals quickly deposit onto your deck. As the water dries under the sun, the minerals and other matter start to build up. The result is dirt, calcium, and algae, which don’t smell nice and may prevent you from having a relaxed, carefree summer.

If you don’t address them adequately, mold, mildew, and algae may become safety and health issues for both your family and friends.

At All Clean, we want you and your family to enjoy your pool area in the safest way possible. We are experts in cleaning pool decks, and we know how to keep your high-traffic area as beautiful as possible. Call us to discuss your cleaning needs, and we will get your poolside ready for your next BBQ gathering.

Why You Need Your Pool Deck Cleaned


Stops The Spread of Bacteria and Disease

There is a reason why you need to clean your pool deck regularly. If you allow the excess pool water to sit on your deck, it will promote the growth of more dirt and bacteria, which may lead to disease. Think about your family, friends, and pets that cross your deck. Do you want the dirt on your deck to be carried into your house?


Prevent Slip and Fall Accidents

Because it consists of concrete, tile, and other materials, a pool deck can be slippery. You can easily hurt yourself if you slip when going in or out of the pool. Since pool decks are usually wet, the chances of falling are pretty high. If you add dirt and algae, the possibility of slipping is inevitable.

While we can’t remove the water from your deck, we can remove the dirt and algae. With a professional pool deck cleaning, we can lower the possibility that you will slip and hurt yourself on your pool deck.


Boost Curb Appeal

Let’s face it – no one wants to swim in a pool if the deck is slippery and dirty. During the summer months, your pool area is probably your favorite area. You want your pool to look clean and your deck spotless. A professional pool deck cleaning service will ensure that the first impression your pool makes is an excellent one.


Prevent Deck Erosion

Cleaning your pool deck surface with high-pressure, hot water helps prevent algae and bacteria that can destroy the top-cover of your deck. Proper cleaning can not only avoid deck erosion but prolong its lifespan. Making pool deck cleaning a routine goes a long way toward keeping your pool area look clean and safe.

pool deck cleaning new orleans pool deck cleaning new orleans

Get Your Pool Cleaned by Professional Pressure Washers Today

When it comes to the cleaning of your pool deck, you want to make sure that you hire a professional to take care of your property. Make your neighbors envy your pool by hiring our go-to experts from All Clean. We are the best pool deck cleaning service for pressure washing in Metairie. You can always count on a friendly team and excellent results.

Customer Reviews

Mason & his team were very professional & quick to respond. They did an amazing job & very quickly! I would recommend his company over all else.
madison perrin
madison perrin
Excellent service. If you want the job done right the first time go with All Clean!
Steve Bucher
Steve Bucher
Mason and All Clean Pressure Washing did a fantastic job on my entire house. Highly recommend and will definitely be using again!
Sarah Abbott
Sarah Abbott
Mason with All Clean Pressure Washing always does a fantastic job, we’ve used him for the last few years. His prices are reasonable and he always shows up when he says he will. We will definitely call him again!
Laura Higgins
Laura Higgins
Mason is Very accommodating with scheduling. If you want your home or business cleaned the right way then this is the company for you. Thanks for a job well done.
Tommy Buras
Tommy Buras
The guys from All Clean did a FANTASTIC job on my house! My cleaning was way overdue and in one work day they had it looking like new! Driveway, windows, siding, gutters, etc look amazing! I highly recommend them!
Erin Sirmon
Erin Sirmon
Terrific, hard working team. House and pool area look stellar.

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