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Quality Pressure Washing Services in Kenner, LA

Do you want to put your property up for sale in Kenner? Are you looking for new tenants for your home? First impressions always matter.

Grime and dust on your front porch, walls, or curb can make your property look old. If your clients don’t fall in love with the property, at first sight, it’s going to be an uphill task making a sale.

Nothing beats a clean wash that reveals the exterior beauty of your home. It is time to get the best pressure washing in Kenner and impress your clients so you can make a quick sale.

All Clean is the leading pressure washing service in Kenner. Get in touch with us today and experience excellent customer support and super friendly staff. We have many years’ experience transforming exterior surfaces with their pressure washing in Kenner. We also have world-class equipment that gets the job done in no time.

Stop Mold, Dirt, and Grime in Its Tracks

Residential Services

house washing new orleans


One of the most popular services for pressure washing in Kenner, LA, is house washing, clearing off stains, debris, and stubborn algae. Enjoy an exterior that looks as good as new!

driveway cleaning new orleans


What kind of impression do you want your driveway to make? We’ll remove oil, grease, and muck that takes away from its beauty and emphasize your driveway’s true colors.

deck and fence restoration

Deck and Patio Restoration

Wash your deck and fence the right way by allowing our technicians to keep your surfaces lasting longer and looking their best. Our work is careful and precise.

pool deck cleaning Metairie

Pool Deck Cleaning

Make your pool deck the go-to hangout spot by removing all slip hazards and dirt with the help of our staff.

roof cleaning in new orleans


Professional roof washing not only boosts curb appeal, but it also increases the structural safety of your roof. You can avoid an early replacement when you call us.

rust removal new orleans


We have the tools and time to remove unsightly orange rust stains and enhance your property.

Window cleaning metairie, fl


Enjoy clear and sparkling windows for your home with our professional pressure washing methods and streak-free cleaning solutions.

Commercial Services

building washing Metairie

Building Washing

Sit back and enjoy expert building washing from our insured, five-star team that uses the highest quality cleaning solutions and techniques.

Storefront Cleaning Metairie

Storefront Cleaning

Make the best impression with a clean and new-looking storefront that causes customers to stop and stare.

HOA Cleaning New Orleans

Homeowners Association

Keeping properties well-maintained and looking their best is important to us, too, as we offer HOA-approved commercial pressure washing services that ensure exterior surfaces are in top condition.

parking lot and garage cleaning Metairie

Parking Lot and Garage Cleaning

Get rid of stuck-on substances with parking lot and garage pressure washing in Kenner, LA.

gas station cleaning new orleans

Gas Station Cleaning

Ensuring your gas station is clean and welcoming for guests is easy with All Clean Pressure Washing.

Benefits of Pressure Washing Your Property in Kenner

Lots of people think that washing the exterior of their walls is only for the aesthetic appeal. There is more to it than that. Some of the benefits include:

Increased Curb Appeal and Property Value

A clean property looks as good as new. It shows a property that is well maintained. Most buyers or tenants consider those options. A clean curb is not just right for sales but also security. It helps keep criminals away.

Protects Against Harmful Bacteria

Mold, algae, and mildew plus other allergens are quite harmful to your health. Their spores can cause severe respiratory problems, leading to thousands of dollars in hospital bills. Cleaning your house keeps the bacteria, mold, and mildew away.

Prevents Costly

Mold, algae, and mildew are the primary causes of damage to your home. They slowly eat away your walls and the internal structure of your house. A good pressure wash will get rid of them all without damaging your walls.

Why Choose All Clean



All Clean is the home to pressure washing experts in Kenner. We leverage many years of experience cleaning decks, patios, curbs, and exterior walls to bring the shine to your home. Don’t let an inexperienced contractor ruin your house when you can rely on experts. Get in touch with the number one pressure washing service in Kenner.



We are not just about cleaning homes but also satisfying even the most demanding clients. We only leave your home after you are satisfied with our work. Try us out today and see why hundreds of people trust us!


Fully Licensed and Insured

We provide fully licensed and insured pressure washing in Kenner so you can sit back and relax as we clean your home. Our insurance covers any damage to your property. Try us out today!


Save Time

When other contractors scratch their heads figuring where to start, we get the job done fast thanks to our many years of experience pressure washing in Kenner. Get quick pressure washing in Kenner for your house today!


Save Money

Are you tempted to do the exterior cleaning all by yourself? Don’t buy expensive equipment. You’ll save time and money today by letting All Clean dealing with the exterior of your house. You won’t have to deal with the risk of property damage or costly repairs.

About Kenner, LA

Kenner, LA, is a popular suburban city that saw significant growth at the end of the 1950s, adding more homes and businesses to the transformed swamp areas. Some of its most well-known places of interest include Treasure Chest Casino, The Esplanade Mall, Pontchartrain Trail, and the historic district of Rivertown.

Kenner also has a public library, many primary and secondary schools, and transportation via buses or the Louis Armstrong New Orleans International Airport. With so many thriving businesses and a steady number of residential properties, the need for pressure washing services has remained present. All Clean Pressure Washing is here to answer the call.

How Much Does Pressure Washing Cost in
Kenner, LA?

The average price of pressure washing in Kenner is between $300 and $500 but can vary because of a few key factors. Reputable pressure washing companies who have been in the business longer will typically have a higher quote but have a record of exceptional work and unbeatable customer service. Some other main considerations that affect service price include:

Receive your free quote for pressure washing in Kenner, LA, by contacting All Clean Pressure Washing! Call (504) 275-5626.

Customer Reviews

I have had my house and patio power washed many times in our 26 years living in River Ridge. The current job that was just completed by ALL CLEAN was without a doubt the most complete job I have EVER had done. These guys showed up and time and prepped my job. They walked with me around my house and listened to any of my concerns to protect my wife’s garden flowers, covered the fish pond, blue taped every electrical switch or outlet. The result was amazing and I will NEVER use another company. A young man’s business he started 10 years ago and now he carries a full schedule. Everyone that has seen my house has commented it has NEVER looked better. FIVE STARS really does not give them enough credit A+ A+ A+ A+ A+.
They fit me in quickly and came and did a great job in just a couple of hours. They left everything clean and I can already see a big improvement. I am sure once this rainy weather dries up, my roof will look even better.Thanks for being so easy to work with!!
Nanette Saucier
Nanette Saucier
Mason and his crew did an amazing job. They were on time and very easy to work with. They cleaned the whole house including windows. Did the concrete and did an amazing job on the tiger lines on the gutters.
Beverly Cosse
Beverly Cosse
Mason was wonderful. Prompt, kind, and professional. Loved working with you guys.
Lois Bachemin
Lois Bachemin
The All Clean team were amazing. They did a wonderful job on my house, porches and windows. They were very careful with our doors made by a craftsman from sinker cypress and an antique cabinet on my back porch. Very courteous, prompt a pleasure to work with.
Beverly Moore
Beverly Moore
Great job on our church roof, brick, windows, and overhangs.
Merlin Hymel
Merlin Hymel
We received a quick response and quote when seeking our homes pressure washing and soft-wash services. Mason was in immediate contact with us to schedule an appointment. The team showed up on time and did a quality job. We plan on using them every six months to maintain our home
Mike Sauve
Mike Sauve

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Repainting jobs and renovations to improve a property’s appearance can take several weeks or months and cost thousands of dollars. All Clean Pressure Washing can accomplish much of that in a day. If you’re looking for pressure washing in Kenner, LA, give us a call, and we’ll give you a free estimate!

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