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How Often Should You Power Wash Your Home in Metairie LA

Power washing is a fast and efficient way to clean the exterior surfaces of a home. Many homeowners regularly schedule their home improvement tasks. But how often should you power wash your home? There are several factors to consider when determining the best time to power wash.

Account for the Local Climate and Environment

Temperature, humidity, rainfall, and other climatic factors contribute to how dirty a home’s exterior will get. Living where there’s a lot of airborne dust can increase the need for more frequent washing. The same applies to homes in warm, moist, and shady environments where algae, mold, and mildew can thrive.

It’s also important to consider how the weather will be whenever you’re planning on pressure washing. For example, homeowners should consider pressure washing when the weather is mild and sunny. Pressure washing when it’s raining or windy may undo all the work.

Family Health and Wellness

Left untouched, mold and algae can grow on the exterior of a house and turn into serious health hazards. Breathing in the spores of these materials can be dangerous, especially for anyone with allergies and respiratory illnesses like asthma. Being vigilant about keeping your home clean and scheduling regular washing can prevent these contaminants from growing on your property.

Planned Home Renovation Projects

Freshening up the appearance of a home is a great way to improve its curb appeal. Homeowners should consider power washing when planning a renovation project. Power washing will ensure that exterior surfaces are squeaky clean and help the paint better adhere to the surface.

Personal Preference

Sometimes a proper power wash is all a house needs to maintain its beauty and curb appeal. If a property’s appearance is simply not up to par, scheduling a power wash could be the way to go. Power washing can also be considered preventive maintenance. The same dirt and grime that makes a home look unsightly can also be doing severe damage to the property. Issues like water damage and wood rot are not uncommon in neglected properties.

Right After a Heavy Storm

A heavy downpour will carry dirt and debris, practically splashing them all over the house. Depending on the intensity of the storm, they might stick and accumulate on the walls. When this happens, the house will require a thorough cleaning. Pressure washing will help strip and wash down this dirt. Homes in areas with frequent storms, therefore, require regular power washing.

So how often should you power wash your home? While there are no hard and fast rules, experts recommend power washing a home each spring season before starting other maintenance projects. This will maintain the home’s appearance all year long and ensure a healthy environment in and around the house.

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