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How Often Should You Pressure Wash Your Home?

Your Home Deserves the Best Power Washing in Metairie, LA

Cleaning the exterior surfaces of your home is a daunting and often time-consuming task. Homeowners value their time and energy and cannot always take on the challenge alone. Many outsource the job to professional pressure washing companies that have proven expertise.

But how often should a home be serviced? If you find yourself asking this question, read the answer below and see how your home can get the power washing in Metairie, LA, it deserves.

How Soon Should I Get My Home Washed?

The answer to this question depends on many things. Factors that can affect how soon your next cleaning include:

  • Time since your last cleaning
  • Location
  • Building quality

Reliable pressure washers recommend that most homeowners schedule an exterior cleaning at least once a year. This prevents excessive build-up of mold, debris, and other potentially harmful elements to the property. Consider the following tips:

1. Location Matters

If you have a property in an area with frequent rainstorms or snow, your exterior surfaces may require more consistent cleaning. Excessive heat and humidity can also be catalysts for algae, damaging surfaces over time.

It is not just climate that affects surfaces. Human activity can also create wear and stains on your home. For example, you may live in an area where construction or high foot traffic is common. Gravel and dirt kicked up by cars and pedestrians can easily find their way onto your home and prevent it from looking its best.

When preparing a home for listing, curb appeal matters to many homeowners and sellers and is essential to consider.

2. A Year Can Make a Difference

Homeowners tend to go too long without power cleaning their property. For some, it can be years. Waiting to have your home cleaned by reliable pressure washing services can cost you money.

Power cleanings give your property a fresh look while protecting it from wear and damage that can lead to unexpected repair costs. Investing in regular power cleaning for your home extends the building’s lifespan.

3. Some Surfaces Require Different Attention

Some outside surfaces of the home naturally accumulate more debris and stains than others. The roof and windows tend to take more punishment from severe weather than siding in most regions. But you want to remember that the quality of the building may necessitate special attention in different areas. Recent renovations, paint jobs, and the age of the home are all important factors to consider when prioritizing your cleaning.

Time to Schedule Your Next Cleaning

The trusted cleaning technicians at All Clean Pressure Washing are here to help! We have serviced hundreds of customers with quality care and respect for their property. If you would like your roof, siding, or driveway cleaned by an experienced crew, our company will ensure the job is done to your satisfaction.

Visit our website or call (504) 275-5626 today to get started on power washing in Metairie, LA.

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