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Preparing Your Home for Pressure Washing in Metairie, Louisiana

Pressure washing in Metairie, Louisiana, is a wise investment. An accumulation of dirt, mold, mildew, rust, and other stains on your property means it’s time for a good cleaning. All Clean Pressure Washing is happy to protect and increase the value of your home.

There are some things you should know to ensure your pressure washing service goes smoothly and safely. If not prepared, you risk causing water damage. Here are the best ways to prep your home for pressure washing in Metairie, Louisiana.

Close All Windows and Doors

Any spot that water can get through needs to be sealed and locked, including all windows, exterior doors, garage doors, and skylights. If something doesn’t close properly, please tell us, and we can ensure water won’t enter your home from that area. Let us know about holes or cracks in your property, and we will work around them.

Remove Items That Water Can Damage

Furniture, tools, decorations, and vehicles should not be near our pressure washing team. Aside from getting wet, debris is tossed around during the pressure washing. If you cannot move heavy items, cover them with sturdy, waterproof plastic to protect them from getting dirty or damaged. We are more than willing to assist with this process.

Plants should also be removed from the immediate area or covered with protective tarps. The cleaning agents we use are not harmful to your garden, but the water pressure can destroy them.

Cover All Electrical Outlets

Water and electricity are a bad combination. Any exterior outlets should be plugged or sealed shut with a secure cover. If you cannot effectively cover them, inform us so we can protect ourselves and your home.

All lights and appliances should be unplugged and moved somewhere safe. Extension cords can also be damaged if left out during your pressure washing in Metairie, Louisiana, so it’s best to remove them.

Stay Indoors

Water pressure hurts. It can easily pierce your skin and cause serious injuries. The best way to avoid accidents is to stay inside while All Clean Pressure Washing makes your Metairie home new again. Safety is crucial when it comes to children and pets. It is an exciting process for kids to watch, but they should not be outdoors during the cleaning.

Do not risk walking up to a technician while they are working. The pressure washing machines are loud, and you can easily startle them. You may inadvertently cause damage to your home or yourself. If you need to ask a question, call a manager first, and they will reach out to the foreman on site.

Let’s Start Washing

Pressure washing is a great way to remove dirt and harmful bacteria from your Metairie property. It also increases your home’s value and curb appeal. However, because of the high-pressure washing we use, there is a risk of damage or injuries. The safety of your family and the protection of your property are our biggest concerns. All Clean Pressure Washing always aims to inform you how to lessen your risks.

We look forward to providing you with superior pressure washing in Metairie, Louisiana. Call us at 504-275-5626 if you have any questions!

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