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Common Window Cleaning Truths and Myths

As one of the leading providers of quality window cleaning in Metairie, LA, we receive plenty of questions about window cleaning myths. For instance, some property owners believe professional window cleaning services are an unnecessary expense. After all, a damp rag and a garden hose can do the trick, right?

Not necessarily — but many people believe it and end up with smudged windows.

This article will debunk some of the most common myths we often come across, helping you differentiate truth from fiction.

Window Cleaning Myths

Knowing the proper way to clean your windows can help you prevent the damage and early degradation dirt and grime cause. However, doing so requires you to be aware of the myths masquerading as truth.

Here are a few window cleaning myths you should know about.

It’s Okay to Use Newspapers

Using newspapers to clean windows was a good solution in the past since the newspapers were relatively thick. Today, however, newspapers are thinner and tear much easier. Additionally, their ink can blacken your windows.

Rain Is Enough to Clean the Windows

Some property owners believe that a bit of rain is all their windows need to stay clean. However, this is far from true.

Rain can leave unsightly streaks and droplet marks once your windows dry. Additionally, high winds can fling dirt, dust, and debris, which can dirty and potentially damage windows.

It’s Best to Clean Windows on a Sunny Day

Many property owners schedule their window cleaning on bright, sunny days. While this seems like a good idea, it does have various drawbacks. For instance, the sunshine can damage your windows as you clean them. Furthermore, it can leave your windows with unsightly streak marks since the heated window pane increases the evaporation rate.

The best time to schedule window cleaning in Metairie, LA, is in the late mornings and early afternoons of spring and winter.

Windows Only Need Spot Cleaning

Yes, it is easy to only clean small marks on your window. However, this approach isn’t always ideal.

The best option is to clean your entire window surface to ensure that spot cleaning doesn’t leave the rest of the window looking dirty. This approach helps you ensure that you take care of everything.

DIY Window Cleaning Is Cheaper

Property owners tend to avoid hiring professional window cleaners in an attempt to dodge the costs involved. Though a DIY job might seem more affordable, it could end up costing more.

The lack of proper tools and adequate expertise limits the quality of results you can attain. Furthermore, DIY cleaning increases the risks of injury and property damage.

Fortunately, opting for professional assistance helps you avoid this.

High-Quality Window Cleaning in Metairie, LA

Do you need someone to help get dirt and grime off your windows? Reach out to All Clean Pressure Washing. We offer personalized cleaning solutions that promise to leave your property with sparkling clean windows.

Call All Clean Pressure Washing at (504) 275-5626 to request your free quote for high-quality window cleaning in Metairie, LA

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