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DIY Pressure Washing Pitfalls: Avoiding Costly Errors in Metairie

On the surface, pressure washing may seem pretty straightforward. You rent a pressure washer from your local store, and you’re good to go, right? Not really. 

Using a pressure washer involves more than just hosing down a dirty surface. Handling pressure washing equipment improperly can lead to costly mishaps. Let’s highlight a few of the common mistakes that occur during DIY pressure washing in Metairie, LA. 

Using Too Much Pressure 

Unlike using a garden hose, water under high pressure works effectively at removing even the most stubborn dirt and grime. However, excess pressure will: 

  • Chip concrete 
  • Strip loose paint 
  • Warp siding 
  • Scour wood 
  • Shatter windows 
  • Crack tiles 
  • Bend metal 

While little pressure may not offer the anticipated results, too much pressure might result in costly repairs or premature replacement of the surface being cleaned. Seasoned pressure washing experts in Metairie know how to find the right balance of pressure to clean various surfaces without causing damage.  

Using the Wrong Equipment and Supplies 

Not all pressure washing equipment and supplies are equal. For the best pressure washing in Metairie, LA, you need high-performance pressure washing equipment and cleaning agents. 

Even if you can get the right tools, high-performance equipment without the right experience may still yield less-than-optimal results. In their quest for deep cleaning, many people resort to dialing up the pressure settings — a counter-productive move that actually worsens the situation. 

Not Following a Proper Cleaning Order 

It’s not uncommon for property owners who attempt DIY pressure washing to waste time and effort during the cleaning process by cleaning things in the incorrect order.  

Washing the windows before the siding, for example, may force the property owner to rewash the windows because water run-off from the siding will make the windows dirty again. 

Cleaning from the top down proves more effective as you’ll avoid the wasted effort of having to repeat the cleaning process. 

Not Using a Cleaning Agent 

Water on its own can rid various surfaces of accumulated dirt and debris. Using a cleaning agent, however, takes cleaning power to a whole other level. You can’t achieve exceptional results with only water. 

A proper ratio of a high-quality cleaning agent mixed with water will also kill rather than distribute mold, mildew, and algae spores, preventing them from spreading.  

Overlooking Safety Precautions 

Besides property damage, water under high pressure can cause serious bodily harm or even death. If you look at a professional pressure washing crew at work, you’ll notice they wear protective eyewear or goggles, safety boots, long sleeves, and gloves.  

The high pressure can easily cut through flesh and cause severe injuries, nerve damage, or amputation. Both gas-powered and electric pressure washers pose safety hazards as well, emphasizing the need to hire an expert. 

If you don’t have training and experience in pressure washing, seek professional help. Take advantage of the expertise of the pressure washing team at All Clean Pressure Washing. Contact us at 504-275-5626 to schedule pressure washing in Metairie, LA, or nearby areas.

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