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How to Clean a Roof in Metairie Like a Pro

Roof Cleaning in Metairie, LA, is a multi-step process that would benefit from professional expertise. We always recommend working with licensed roof-washing experts to prevent ladder-related injuries and property damage. However, if you are comfortable with the risks and want to improve your curb appeal through DIY sanitation, here are a few things you can do.

Never Use a Pressure Washer

Numerous companies offer pressure washing for roofs and other fragile exterior structures in Los Angeles. We do not recommend patronizing their services.

Power washers can project water at speeds exceeding 3500 PSI, dramatically reducing the lifespan of shingle and stone tiles. Asphalt and clay shingles are notorious for shattering under adverse weather. If you somehow manage to pressure wash your roof without cracking shingles, you would have worn down their adhesives and taken decades off their lives.

Galvanized metal roofs have zinc or copper coatings that prevent oxidation and rust formation. A power washer can damage these protectants and cause metal sheets to curve.

Use Rust-Free Metal and Alloy Ladders Only

According to industry research, hundreds of fatalities in construction sites and blue-collar workplaces are due to ladder-related injuries.

Here are a few ladder safety tips for roof cleaning in Metairie, LA:

  • Find a stable and level surface that the upper and lower sections of a ladder can rest on without tilting or moving.
  • Plant your ladder at a 75-degree angle from the ground so it does not lean over and fall.
  • Store your ladders horizontally in a dry environment to prevent oxidation and sagging.
  • Avoid using wooden ladders that show signs of rot and other structural issues, no matter how minor.

Our technicians earn numerous certifications before using industrial machinery in elevated platforms, and we supply them with high-quality movable ladders and telescopic booms to do their job safely.

Use Eco-Friendly Cleaners

Corrosive cleaners can damage and discolor tilework. Our technicians at All Clean Pressure Washing serve hundreds of residents in our service areas who found out too late and had to spend thousands of dollars on roof repair.

Here are a few tips to help you choose the right options from the home improvement store.

Cleaning Your Roof with Bleach

Bleach requires time to eliminate organic matter like algae, rendering it ineffective without an additional ingredient to give it staying power.

We recommend using bleach-based surfactants instead of combining water with bleach.

Post-Rinse Products

Some surfactants and bleach-based cleaners leave residues that might harm surrounding plants and wildlife. Use a post-rinse neutralizer to protect your flower beds and pets.

Roof Washing with Odor Maskers

Odor maskers work great for roofs on homes in inner cities that contend with the smell of garbage, smoke, and mold daily. However, they might be unnecessary if you live close to open areas with high wind traffic.

Call an Expert Today

As the leading independent provider of high-quality roof cleaning in Metairie, LA, our technicians at All Clean Pressure Washing answer numerous inquiries from residents about our soft wash technique, cleaning process, and the chemicals we use. Call  504-275-5626 for a free consultation.

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