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Signs It’s Time to Pressure Wash Your Apartment Complex’s Outdoor Common Area

Apartment complex owners or managers often overlook exterior cleaning, particularly in outdoor common areas. But like the apartment building or roof, people form an impression of the apartment complex from the common areas they see first.  

Tenants and visitors also spend their free time in these outdoor common areas. So, keeping these areas well-maintained makes for happy clients and attracts prospective tenants. And that’s where pressure washing comes in. 

Why should you schedule pressure washing to keep your apartment complex looking its best? And how do you know when to pressure wash these outdoor common areas? In this post, All Clean Pressure Washing’s licensed technicians outline the signs that your apartment complex’s outdoor common areas need a power wash.

The Exterior Surfaces Are Looking Dull and Dingy

You see the exterior of your apartment complex every other day and don’t notice the accumulating dirt and debris. However, prospective tenants and visitors will easily notice when things start to look run down.  

Keep an eye on high-traffic areas, like walkways and stairways, for signs of dirt and grime. The sooner you can schedule professional pressure washing, the more likely you are to avoid negative feedback from third parties.

There’s a Feeling of Neglect in Popular Common Areas  

A sparkling clean pool area, playground, jogging path, and picnic area will often get some decent traffic, depending on the occupancy levels of your apartment complex. However, if your tenants or visitors are starting to avoid these once-thriving common areas, a pressure wash might be in order.

Once you clean these areas, you may find the foot traffic returning to enjoy the spotless results. Why not include pressure washing as part of your routine maintenance and stop worrying about a dirty garden path or a slippery, algae-covered pool area? Regular pressure washing will keep these common areas safe, welcoming, and looking pristine.

The Change in Season Has Brought Inclement Weather  

Experts recommend that you schedule pressure washing at least once a year. An annual spring cleaning eliminates dirt and grime that may have accumulated during winter. It will leave your outdoor spaces looking clean and ready for the outdoor season because nobody wants to play or spend time in a dirty pool area or navigate grime-covered walkways.

Possible Water and Soil Erosion Problems Need Preventative Measures

Erosion can cause plenty of property damage and leave your outdoor areas looking unsightly. Plus, all the dirt, mud, and other unwanted substances easily settle on sidewalks, patios, and other areas, leaving stains and eroding aesthetic appeal. 

If you want surfaces to look great and last longer, pressure washing outdoor areas will help you eradicate the following:

  • Oil stains
  • Gum
  • Spilled food and drinks
  • And more

Contact All Clean Pressure Washing Today!

Cleaner outdoor areas, especially during the summer, will attract potential tenants and enhance safety.

When the time comes to schedule a pressure washing service, call All Clean Pressure Washing at 504-275-5626 for an instant quote on any and all exterior cleaning services in Metairie, LA!

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