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Professional Pressure Washing vs. DIY Pressure Washing in New Orleans

At All Clean Pressure Washing, we answer endless queries about affordable pressure washing in New Orleans. As a hard-working local business, we love the trend of taking charge of your own success. Our cleaning professionals use the same ethos to connect with customers daily and give each project our very best, but is a DIY approach worth it for pressure washing?

In this post, we outline the advantages and disadvantages of using or choosing not to use pressure washing services to help you decide.

About DIY Pressure Washing

Our hygiene technicians need licenses, certifications, and extensive training before offering any services to paying customers. Why? Homegrown cleaning techniques are inefficient and sometimes dangerous.

The Pros of Doing It Yourself

The average New Orleans homeowner likes to maintain their property year-round. The advantages of going this route include:

  • Cheaper outlay if you already have the right equipment
  • Customizable work times when you have free time on the weekends
  • Quick results in straightforward projects

However, if hiring cleaners to pressure wash the home’s exteriors does not fit the budget, be sure to consider the hidden costs of doing it yourself. You might find the instructional content and industrial equipment rental places you need nearby, but is it worth a slightly lower cost if you cause damage to your property or yourself?

The Cons of Pressure Washing Your Own Property

Pressure washing your own property leaves you entirely liable for the outcome.

  • Does the home or commercial building have hidden maintenance issues?
  • Are there complex structures or delicate surface materials?
  • How many hours will you need to give up to cover the entire surface area?

Unfortunately, our experienced technicians see how these risks surprise property owners each year. We receive calls for assistance from countless people with shattered skylights, chipped roof shingles, and cracked paint jobs after a DIY pressure washing session.

Local Pressure Washing In New Orleans

Damage from an industrial pressure washer can be costly, and insurance policies typically will not cover it with the property owner at fault. The bottom line is that New Orleans homeowners and businesses that want to avoid these risks should always hire insured, qualified professionals.

The Pros of Hiring Professionals

Are there benefits in hiring a pressure washing services company? Absolutely. Beyond saving time and offering value for money, a service like All Clean Pressure Washing LLC offers:

  • Specialized equipment
  • Years of experience
  • Effective cleaning techniques
  • Quick removal of dirt, grime, and debris
  • Easy access to hard-to-reach areas and more

We can also spot the early signs of mold infestation or structural problems while we unclog gutters, remove algae from roof shingles, and eliminate traces of vandalism. Why not ask us more about our high-quality pressure washing services in New Orleans?

The Cons of Residential or Commercial Pressure Washing Services

Of course, no post would be complete without a mention of the greatest point of contention: the price. This single factor is why many property managers and homeowners hesitate to hire a pressure washing contractor. However, it sometimes helps to remember that price points are strongly correlated to quality in our competitive industry.

Is it worth taking a risk on cheap, unlicensed operators? Probably not. Experts like All Clean Pressure Washing LLC advise all our customers to read reviews and ask for referrals before committing to a deal.

Would you like to know more? Call All Clean Pressure Washing LLC today at (504)-275-5626 for affordable pressure washing in New Orleans.

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