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How To Clean Your Tile Roofs Properly

Tile roof cleaning boosts your home’s curb appeal and protects against damage. A cleaned roof can reduce your energy bills by lightening the roof’s color and reflecting sunlight. Cleaning makes your home look newer too.

We strongly recommend hiring a professional for this job. However, doing it yourself is possible if you attain the proper safety equipment and take care not to harm yourself or the roof.

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4 Steps for Cleaning Your Roof Tiles

Cleaning a tile roof can be dangerous, so exercise caution or contact a professional for tile roof cleaning in Metairie to do the job for you. Do not clean your roof unless you are confident in your abilities and materials. Follow the steps below to properly clean your tile roof and stay safe.

Step One: Assemble Your Cleaning Products and Safety Equipment

Going up onto your roof can be very dangerous without the appropriate equipment.

You will need the following:

  • Slip-resistant shoes and safety goggles
  • A safety harness that anchors to a secured location
  • A steady ladder
  • An anti-moss fungicide cleaning solution
  • A pressure washer

Step Two: Inspect Your Roof to Identify Necessary Repairs

Going over your roof thoroughly before pressure washing is vital. Inspect the tiles and remove any cracked, chipped, or damaged pieces. Check for broken window edges, siding, unsealed calking, and damage to the roof ridge. This step ensures that no water will leak inside your home or cause further damage.

Step Three: Pressure Wash

Be vigilant not to walk on wet tiles because they become slippery, especially with lichen and moss growing on the roof. The pressure washing process may take hours or even span days, with hours-long breaks to allow the roof to dry. Try different settings on your pressure washer. Not strong enough, and you will not clean properly. Too strong and you risk blasting off your roofs, causing further damage.

A professional pressure washing company can usually get the job done in a day, so consider avoiding the dangers and hassle of DIY by calling in the pros.

Step Four: Apply a Fungicide Solution

Pressure washing removes all dirt, dust, and debris from your roof, but moss is tenacious and requires an extra step. Not removing patches of moss allows it to continue damaging your roof structure, requiring further cleaning or even a complete replacement.

Apply a fungicide with your pressure washer to a completely dry roof. Let it settle in, give it time to work, and then rinse it with plain water.

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A roof needs regular cleaning. Clean your concrete roof tiles, metal, clay, and other materials at least every two years to maintain their structure and the overall health of your roof. While it is possible to do it yourself if you follow the rules above, it’s best to call a professional for safety.

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