Seven Things Never To Do When Pressure Washing Your Home

As a property owner, you understand the importance of keeping up with exterior maintenance tasks like window cleaning, gutter cleaning, and house washing. Like many homeowners, you may also feel tempted to try the DIY approach to these tasks to save time and money.

In reality, many factors play into the safety and efficiency of any pressure washing job, especially for a residential home. At All Clean Pressure Washing, we take the business of pressure washing New Orleans homes seriously.

In this blog, we call back some of the most common mistakes seen in DIY pressure washing to create a list of the seven things you should never do when pressure washing your home.

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Seven Things To Never Do When Pressure Washing Your Home

If you attempt DIY home pressure washing, avoid the seven things below to aim for success.

#1: Ignoring Electrical Hazards

Electrical hazards exist on the exterior of most homes. You may see them in the form of satellite cables, open electrical boxes, or even power connections leading into the tops of your home. Avoid pressure washing these areas to prevent electrical shock and other issues.

#2: Using Only Water

While pressurized water may remove some of the debris built up on your home, it may not actually clean the surface you’re spraying. Use a 50/50 mix of cleaning solution and tap water to achieve bright, clean-looking results.

#3: Cleaning Windows First

Cleaning siding and rooftop eaves can deposit additional debris on windows. Wait until the rest of the exterior is clean before spraying windows.

#4: Using Tight, Small Patterns

When using a pressure washer, move the wand in even, broad strokes. Focusing the spray in too tight or small of a pattern reduces the efficiency of your pressure washer, and it could cause damage to your siding or other surfaces.

#5: Using Too Much Pressure

Always start a pressure washer on its lowest setting. Too much pressure can cause damage to your home and could also result in injury.

#6: Ignoring Safety Requirements

Pressure washing comes with many hazards. Never disregard safety requirements when pressure washing your home. Always wear protective gear, avoid loose clothing and other items, clear debris from the target area, and be aware of your surroundings.

#7: Spraying Into Corners

Spraying directly into corners can cause pressurized spray to blow back onto you, sometimes resulting in injury or, at the very least, wet clothing. When pressure washing your New Orleans home, move slowly toward corners and approach at an angle, if possible.

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