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Things To Consider About DIY Roof Cleaning in Metairie

Whether you’re new to owning a home or business or have years of experience, you know the importance of maintaining your property. However, some critical upkeep tasks like pressure washing and roof cleaning may prove challenging.

Fortunately, our experts at All Clean Pressure Washing can help. We specialize in professional power cleaning services in the New Orleans area, including roof cleaning in Metairie and greater Jefferson Parish.

In this blog, we cover nine factors all property owners should consider before attempting DIY roof cleaning. If you’re ready to save time and stress by calling in the pros, schedule your consultation for roof cleaning from All Clean Pressure Washing today.

Nine Factors To Consider Before Trying DIY Roof Cleaning in Metairie

Property owners considering a DIY roof cleaning project stand to gain from thinking twice. Safe and effective roof cleaning requires training, equipment, and a significant investment in time and materials.

#1: Equipment Costs

One of the first hurdles a property owner encounters when attempting a DIY roof cleaning project involves equipment.

Pressure washers, often necessary for cost-effective roof cleaning, require upfront financial investment through rental services or retail purchases. Property owners also need ladders, special brushes, and other cleaning tools to do the job right.

When factoring in how much money they’ll save by not hiring professionals, many property owners forget to calculate the cost of renting or buying equipment. Some break even on costs if they’re lucky, and most spend more than they otherwise might have.

#2: Equipment Training

Even property owners who have pressure washing and roof access equipment handy may not have what it takes to clean their roofs safely and effectively.

Roofs have an important job. These structures protect homes and businesses from the elements, insects, and other hazards. Caring for these structures during routine cleaning requires knowledge of vital components, how roof assembly works, common risks involved with cleaning, and – especially – how to safely use the necessary power tools.

Professional roof cleaners already have both the equipment and the necessary training to use it. Save time and stress by trusting the experts.

#3: Safety

The most obvious risk posed by cleaning a roof involves heights. Falling from even the smallest building poses significant safety risks for anyone.

Most people assume that, if careful, they can avoid slips and falls while cleaning a roof. In truth, roof algae, weak spots, loose shingles and other hazards lurk, making maintaining balance far more challenging than it seems.

Roof cleaning professionals work in these conditions frequently, and understand the measures they must take to ensure their safety. Avoid learning the hard way by consulting with these pros instead of trying DIY roof cleaning.

#4: Safety Equipment Costs

In addition to cleaning equipment like power washers and extension poles, roof cleaning requires safety equipment. Attempting to clean any high structure without the proper safety equipment can result in severe injury or death.

Expert roof cleaners have safety equipment like harnesses, hard hats, clips, and lines on hand to protect them from accidents and falls.

#5: Roof Style

Not all roofs present the same challenges during cleaning. Tile roofs, for example, pose significantly higher risks of slips and falls due to broken and cracked tiles.

Licensed contractors know how to navigate the specific risks posed by tile, shingle, and metal roofs.

#6: Damage Repair Costs

Most exterior cleaning services come backed by service guarantees and insurance policies. This means that if your contractor damages your roof, they must foot the bill for repairs.

When property owners attempt DIY roof cleaning, they often damage their roofs in the process, resulting in expensive bills.

#7: Roof Algae

On some roofs, spotting roof algae may prove difficult. Patches of algae may grow in shaded areas, or dark shingle coloring may allow algae growth to blend in. When wet, roof algae dramatically increases the risk of accidents and falls.

Experts at roof cleaning services like All Clean Pressure Washing can identify issues like roof algae before it poses a safety risk. These experts also have the training and equipment to remove the algae promptly.

#8: Project Time

Another factor many property owners fail to consider involves project time. Whereas professional cleaning may take an afternoon, DIY roof cleaning projects can take several days. In many cases, this time difference results from a lack of training or equipment and unexpected issues arising during cleaning.

Property owners doing DIY work must fit roof cleaning into their own busy schedules, taking up their valuable time. Those looking to save time and stress on roof cleaning in Metairie might consider hiring a professional roof cleaning service instead.

#9: Affordable Alternatives

Most property owners considering DIY roof cleaning do so based on a false assumption that avoiding professional services saves money.

In reality, hiring trained, licensed roof cleaning experts results in speedy cleaning services backed by insurance, all for an affordable price.

Considering hiring professional roof cleaning services? Take a look at the benefits below to learn why calling for a quote makes an excellent choice.

Benefits of Working With Experienced Roof Cleaning Professionals

Now that you know why DIY roof cleaning proves more risk than reward, here are some of the primary benefits of working with the pros at All Clean Pressure Washing instead:

  • Services backed by licensing and insurance
  • Prices tailored to project size
  • Money saved on cleaning and safety equipment
  • Expert attention to detail
  • Visual inspection of the roof
  • Methods tailored to roof type
  • Fast project turnaround
  • No time off work or weekends required
  • Professional results
  • And more

Each roof cleaning project has unique parameters and focuses points. To learn more about what professional roof cleaning can do for your home or business, consider reaching out to experts like All Clean Pressure Washing today.

Professional Roof Cleaning Services in Metairie

If you need roof cleaning in Metairie, look no further than All Clean Pressure Washing. With years of experience proven by glowing reviews, you can rest easy knowing your roof is in good hands.

Ready to become a satisfied customer? Call All Clean Pressure Washing at 504-206-2191 to schedule a roof cleaning service in Metairie now.

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